Body And Soul The Ep
on My Keter Records


Jazz/ Vocal
1) Our Love Is - Maria Puga Lareo

2) Addicted To You - Maria Puga Lareo

3) Body and Soul - E. Heyman / R. Sour / F. Eyton / John Green

4) I Have Fallen In Love - Lyrics Miriam Messina Gutierrez / Music Maria Puga Lareo

Enrique Varela, tenor sax and group arrangements
Fernando Gelbard, flute (on Body and Soul)
Ricardo Lew, guitar
Manuel Fraga, piano
Juan Antonio Rodríguez, bass
Pablo González, drums

Magdalena Leon, vocal coach
Tole Lopez Naguil, engineering and mix
Lucio Presta, technical assistant
Mastered by Facundo Rodríguez
Additional recording and mixing: Multi Media Music Productions, Toluca Lake, California by Mark Vincent

Photography: Juan Soria
Design: My Keter Records

Produced by: Maria Puga Lareo for My Keter Records
Recorded on 2005 and 2007

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Maria Puga Lareo:


My Keter Records®: Album X032751

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Body and Soul - EP - Maria Puga Lareo